Holiday Cookie Walk Week Two: Saturday, December 19

Our second cookie walk will IMG_2080be on Saturday the 19th of December….just in time for your holiday celebrations.  Come in and pick up “just a few” or enough to make trays for your friends.  No order too big or small!

Cookies available for week two:

  1. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
  2. Maple Pecan
  3. Chocolate Crinkles
  4. Cherry Crowns
  5. Date Pinwheels
  6. Cinnamon Roll Cookies
  7. Creme Wafers
  8. Chocolate Dipped Pecan Sandies
  9. Lemon Crescents
  10. Candy Cane Snowballs
  11. Walnut Thumbprints
  12. Cranberry Walnut White Chocolate
  13. Peppermint Dark Chocolate Kiss
  14. Toasted Coconut Butter Ribbon
  15. M&M Pecan
  16. Russian Teacakes
  17. Raspberry Thumbprints
  18. Peanut Butter Blossom
  19. Cranberry Orange Ribbon
  20. Chocolate Checkerboard
  21. Chocolate Sandwich
  22. Spritz
  23. Frosted Cutouts
  24. Holiday Sugar Cookies