EllieGail’s gift baskets are a perfect send-off or surprise delivery for college students. Food gifts are a wonderful way to say “I love you”, “Thank you”, or “Happy Holidays”- to business associates, family or friends. Let’s face it, food is always the perfect size, and everyone appreciates a special treat!

We can create a basket/box in a variety of price ranges to suit any budget. We have listed a few ideas below, but we also do meat and cheese platters, a tray of assorted bars, soup and bread to go, or a pan of lasagna with a salad. All food gifts will be decorated with a ribbon, and can be delivered if needed.

Holiday Sampler Box

The perfect gift for any holiday, decorated for the occasion. Includes:

  • 1 Loaf of our popular homemade bread
  • 1 Dozen Cookies – Many kinds to choose from
  • 1 Bundt-style Coffee Cake
  • A sampler of a dozen small-cut bars

This is all topped off with fun, seasonal items such as homemade caramels and candy canes for Christmas, or other candies and items to make a birthday or any occasion special.

Regular – $27
Small (fewer bars and cookies) – $17
Large (add another loaf of bread and a second coffee cake) – $37

Crazy for Cookies

If you know a cookie monster, this is the perfect gift. We will select a variety of our best selling cookies, package them in a beautiful box, and wrap it up just right! Includes:

  • Let’s work together to pick your favorite kinds of cookies – we have lots of ideas, if you need help.

We can mix up 3 dozen in a pretty box for $19
Small gift bag of a dozen for $7
The Cookie Lover’s Dream Box for $35-$50!

Fruit & Nuts Gift Box

Seasonal fresh fruit and a variety of delicious nuts make this a healthy and colorful alternative to baked goods. We’ll provide the perfect fruits in season with 3 six-ounce packages of our favorite nuts which may include toasted honey almonds, peanuts in the shell, Tex-Mex party nuts, pistachios, salted cashews or candied walnuts for just $20 as described.

A smaller version including two kinds of nuts and 6-7 pieces of fruit is available for only $12.

Bread Lover’s Basket

What could be better than our delicious and popular homemade bread packaged up in a basket for giving. We will include three different kinds of bread for a regular basket, or six kinds for a large basket. Each loaf is bagged, then the entire gift is wrapped in cellophane and finished with a bow.

Regular basket (3 loaves) – $16.50
Large basket (6 loaves) – $29.50

Holiday Cookie Platters

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to bake! We specialize in a large variety of holiday cookies that taste as good as they look. Buy one platter to keep for yourself, and give one as a gift!

2 1/2 dozen variety – $15
4 dozen variety – $22
6 dozen variety – $32