Cakes :: Cake Pricing

Special Occasion Cakes

We make cakes in a large variety of styles and sizes.  When you place your order, you must pick the size you would like.  After you choose your cake flavor, frosting, filling, and talk to us about decorations, the baker can give you an exact price for your cake.  Please leave your email address when you order your cake -if you want an exact price before you pick up your cake.  Dawn will send you an email with the price and call you if she has any other questions.

Please note, serving sizes are approximate, depending on the size slices you cut and serve.  We DO NOT cut cakes for you.

  • Size
  • 6″ Round
  • 8″ Round
  • 9″ Round
  • 10″ Round
  • 12″ Round
  • 14″ Round
  • 1/4 Sheet
  • 1/2 Sheet
  • Full Sheet
  • Starting Price
  • $20
  • $24
  • $26
  • $32
  • $45
  • $55
  • $25
  • $40
  • $60
  • Servings
  • 6-8
  • 10-14
  • 11-16
  • 15-22
  • 30-40
  • 45-60
  • 12-16
  • 35-50
  • 50-75

There is an additional charge for tiered cakes.

Cupcakes are available in most cake flavors and prices start at $1.50 each.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake prices vary depending on the complexity of your design, the icing, filling, and flavor choices. We can provide a more accurate quotation once we have had your consultation appointment and listen to your thoughts and ideas surrounding the wedding cake or reception dessert.

General Pricing Guideline

As a general guideline, plan to spend a minimum of $3.00 – $4.00 per serving for cakes with icing.

For cakes with fondant (a beautiful, smooth finish made from white chocolate), plan to spend a minimum of $3.50 – $6.00 per serving.

Deposit / Payment

A deposit of 25 percent is required to reserve the date for your wedding. The remaining balance is due one month prior to your event. We accept cash, check, and Mastercard or Visa.


Free Delivery on orders over $200 or Within 25 miles of Elysian, MN 56028

A nominal delivery fee, based on current fuel costs, is charge when the order is less than $200 or beyond a 25 mile radius.

Please call to make an appointment for a wedding consultation / tasting – 507.267.4480.