Cakes :: Cake FAQ’s

How far in advance should I order my wedding cake?

We limit the number of wedding cakes per weekend to two or three, so if your wedding takes place in one of the busier wedding months (May through October), you should reserve your date a minimum of six months in advance. During off-peak times (November – April), reserving your date four months in advance should be adequate.

How do I order a cake?

Call or email us to see if your date is available. If it is, then schedule a consultation. At your consultation, please be prepared to pay a 25 percent deposit. (The remaining balance is due one month before your event.)

How much cake should we order?

In general, you should plan to order a serving count equal to about 90 percent of the number of anticipated guests. Be aware that many factors can affect the number of servings you’ll need, including the number of flavors of cake you’ll have, whether you’ll be serving alcohol at the reception, whether your friends and family are big cake-eaters or not, and whether the wedding cake will be the only dessert. Talk to us, and we’ll help you decide.

Do you require a deposit for cake orders?

Yes, we do. No date is guaranteed until a 25 percent non-refundable deposit is received. We accept Visa and Mastercard. The remaining balance is due one month prior to your event.

What flavors of cake do you offer?

Please check our cake flavors page.

Can we get more than one flavor of cake or filling?

Absolutely! Many brides order more than one flavor. There are additional charges of 10-15% for specialty flavors and fillings. We can talk about the details at the consultation.

Do you deliver?

Yes, if your order is $200 or more, we deliver the wedding cake to your reception location and set it up. Delivery is free within 25 miles of Elysian. We charge a small mileage fee (dependent on current gas prices) for deliveries over 25 miles from Elysian.

What is the cost of your wedding cakes?

Our prices vary depending on the complexity of your design, icing, filling and flavors. For a cake with buttercream frosting, plan to spend between $3.00-4.00 per serving. For a cake with fondant, plan to spend between $3.50 and $6.00 per serving. For an idea of what you’ll pay for your wedding cake, please check our cake pricing page.

Do you cut the cake?

No. Your caterer will indicate to you whether you will be required to delegate that to someone or if they will cut it. I will provide cutting instructions if needed.

What should I consider when choosing my cake baker/designer?

Find someone who is Department of Health licensed, is reputable, experienced, friendly, creative, and dependable. Ask for references. Hint: EllieGails is all of the above!!

What’s the difference between a licensed bakery and one that makes wedding cakes from home?

All Minnesota businesses preparing food for distribution and sale are required to be licensed to operate as a food establishment by either the Minnesota Department of Health or the Department of Agriculture. Bakeries are licensed by the Department of Agriculture because the food products are under its jurisdiction, and restaurants are licensed by the Department of Health.

Reception venues that operate as a business are required by state law to have food, including wedding cakes, provided by a licenced bakery or caterer. Unless a home-based bakery has been licensed by the Department of Agriculture, a wedding cake cannot be served at a reception location operating as a business.

Do all bakers use the same sizes for cakes?

Let the buyer beware! This is where a lot of couples get blindsided if they don’t do some research. To some bakeries, a 3-tier cake that consists of a 12″ round, 9″ round, and a 6″ round, feeds 100 guests. Based on our serving suggestions, that same cake feeds 84 guests. Surprised? Ask what sizes your cake layers will be. Another thing to keep in mind, we calculate our servings based on the inside dimensions of our cake pans, so we may quote you a smaller serving count than some other bakers, but again, our count will be accurate, and you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

It isn’t that our competitors are trying to be deceitful; they are just using the industry standard Wilton serving chart to calculate their servings. We prefer to give a little more and let you pay for a little less.

We saw a cake online or in a wedding magazine that we love. Would it be possible for you to copy it?

It’s possible, but there are issues to consider. Cakes are decorated by hand, so no two designs are exact. We can design one to resemble your dream cake, but it will likely not be exactly the same. Be aware that many of these cakes are very labor-intensive. As such, your cake may be more expensive than you anticipated.

Can a wedding cake be color matched to the rest of the wedding decorations?

Absolutely! If you want us to match your theme colors please provide fabric swatches. While we can’t always match the color exactly, it will be in the same “family” of colors. You can also incorporate real ribbon into the wedding cake design, for an exact match.

Do you freeze your cakes?

Sometimes we freeze cakes for a short time (a day or two) in order to cool the fillings/cakes in preparation for smooth icing application. Cooling the cake reduces the amount of crumbs when icing is spread – the short time the cake is frozen doen not affect the flavor.

Does the cake need to be refrigerated?

Cakes filled with certain fillings (such as bavarian cream/whipping cream, etc) need to be refrigerated.

Is the top tier of the wedding cake served?

Some brides choose to serve the top tier, but most want to save it for their first anniversary. If the top is carefully wrapped, you may freeze and eat it one year later. However, we recommend you order an anniversary cake at EllieGail’s – it will be fabulous!

Do you place fresh flowers on your cakes?

Many florists prefer to place the fresh flowers on the cake. If your florist is not comfortable placing the flowers on the cake, we can take care of flower placement. We can talk about the details during your consultation.

Do you provide cakes for all occasions?

Yes! We offer custom cakes for a variety of special occasions such as birthdays, baptisms, showers, reunions, anniversaries, etc. Every celebration deserves an EllieGails cake!

How much are your cupcakes?

Cupcakes start at $1.25 each. Sometimes special occasions call for pretty extra touches on the cupcakes. This can affect the price slightly. Specialty flavor percentages also apply.

Do you ship cakes?

Due to the fragile nature of our cakes we do not offer shipping. We are able to ship other items from our bakery; for example college care packages with bread, cookies, scones, bars and/or buns.

How do I sample your cakes?

When you set up your consultation I will ask you if you would like to do a tasting as well. I will prepare the samples and have them available at your consultation. We also attend area wedding shows. This is a great opportunity to taste our cakes, since we bring a variety of flavors and icings.

Can I order just sheetcakes?

If you prefer to order just sheetcakes, we would prefer that you arrange to have someone pick the cakes up. If we deliver your sheetcakes, we would need to charge delivery.

Do you do centerpiece cakes?

Yes, we do. This is a fun alternative to traditional wedding cakes. Brides often order different flavors and this gets guests talking between tables! If you decide to order centerpiece cakes, we recommend you ask someone to walk around and serve the first slice at each table. Often guests are afraid to cut them because they look so pretty!

What kind of frosting do you use?

We offer buttercream, fondant, and more. Our fondant is made from white chocolate. Check out our cake-flavors page for more information.

What about cake stands?

We have a fabulous selection of cake stands to display your cake. We don’t charge any rental fees on our cake stands, we just ask our clients to return them to us after the event.

Can I order a Styrofoam or fake cake?

This is a possibility, but not one that we recommend, since it is not very cost effective. Using a “fake” layer does not change the amount of time we spend decorating the cake, and we still need to use the same icing on the cake. Therefore, ordering a fake layer is only 25% less than a real layer.

Do you make cakes for people with dietary restrictions?

We can accommodate people with nut allergies.

What do you recommend for cake toppers and ornaments?

When picking an ornament for your cake, consider the weight. Icing and cake are soft, so heavy ornaments must have some extra support in the cake. Should a heavy topper fall it will likely damage the tiers. Let me know what you have selected as a cake topper when you choose your cake, and we’ll design the top tier accordingly.

We’re planning an outdoor reception. What do we need to know?

Heat plus buttercream equals disaster! Depending on the weather, you may have to go with fondant as a covering for your cake, since buttercreams will melt and slide off the cake if it’s too hot. You may also have to avoid perishable fillings, depending on how long the cake will be in the heat. If it’s at all possible, you should arrange to keep the cake in an air-conditioned area until it’s time to cut it.

Another consideration is high wind. Buttercream is a soft enough frosting that leaves and debris could stick in it. With fondant, that won’t be as much of an issue.