Bars & Desserts

In our bakery cases we offer a variety of wonderful types of bars and desserts. Our bars and desserts are cut into generous size portions, and can be custom cut to any size for specialty orders.

Some of the bars you might find at EllieGail’s include:

Tangy Lemon Bars


A rich, buttery crust is hidden with a layer of tangy lemon custary like filling and topped with a light, crisp glaze.

Pumpkin Bars


In season, fresh pumpkin with a rich layer of cream cheese frosting.

Apple Bars


Great combination of sweet and tart inside a delightful homemade, flaky crust

Rich, Frosted Chocolate Brownies


Chocolate meets chocolate, or smooth creamy frosting meets rich, gooey brownie.

Kit Kat Bars


Smooth chocolate blended with a crunchy crust

Monster Bars


A blend of M & M’s with Oatmeal and Chocolate.

We also like to make desserts, some you might consider.



The varieties are really endless, and we change it up to compliment the season.

Raspberry / Lemon cakes


Chocolate Cakes


Old Fashioned Malt


Made with Schwan’s Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk, Fruit, and Malt Powder with a cream and cherry topping. We have Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla everyday as well as other seasonal flavors.

Fruit Smoothies


Made with 100% Fruit Juice, Ice, and Water
Flavors available: Strawberry, Four Berry, Mango, Lemon-Ade, or Wild Cherry Cranberry

Stop in and try a bar or dessert; or call ahead and we’ll make any of our bars or desserts for your special occasion, picnic, or event.